A. Albeau, the Slalom windsurfing world champion in 2012, with a new speed world record in windsurfing

“It’s excellent. If this works it should be done on all my planks!" (June 2012, receiving the 1st spray gun)

“I have actually tried out the spray gun and it glides really well! I have set a new record at 49.41 knots!" (November 2012, testing the 2nd gun)

On 22 November, A. Albeau broke the wall with 52 knots in windsurfing, setting a new world record



A. Illes, owner of the X34 Almogaver

“Summer arrived a bit late but it has been quite an eventful one, I would like to thank you for your valuable collaboration due to which "ALMOGAVER" was able to make the most of an exceptional glide that let us complete all the levels of the "GIRAGLIA" 4° with about 180 other boats including several MAXIs larger than 20 m." (October 2011)


“These are some of the feelings that were felt during the "MASSILIA CUP" where we did the rounds of the MARSEILLE harbour on 16, 17 and 18 March 2012.
ALMOGAVER was treated using the M300 Antifouling (...)
The surface, polished after a coat using the spray gun, had a shiny and smooth appearance, which attracted the gazes of many sailors present in the careening area.
The races were on in MARSEILLE on 17 and 18 March, with wind speeds of 8 to 12 knots, wherein ALMOGAVER finished among the top 3 in her class. We could see that it was gliding along really well in the light airs, which was reflected in a good speed in every aspect. There were good feelings at the helm due to this ease of gliding." (March 2012)


V. Lyoen - Captain 500 - White Pascha (Couach 2100)

“We took some fuel consumption measurements after applying the M300 Antifouling, between the months of April and August 2013, and compared it to the 2012 data. Our programme was held in the Mediterranean, between the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) and Corsica, in waters that were pretty warm and dirty this year. The results were as follows: we decreased from a consumption of 10 litres/mile to 8.25 litres/mile, a decrease of 17.5%. At the same time we increased our cruising speed by about 2 knots, i.e. more than 11%. The hull, which was not brushed all summer, had a perfectly smooth and clean surface, with a little bit of bio-film that came off with simple hand swipe. My former reluctance has disappeared and I must say, your M300 is an extremely effective product, much better than I thought."