General Terms and Conditions of Sale


Clicking the “Confirm your order" button signifies that you have not only purchased the product but that you also agree to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Therefore, please read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale given below: they constitute the clauses of your purchase agreement. The sales are made through the site manager of the limited liability company METO & CO, ZAM de l’Etang de Thau, 34540 Balaruc les Bains. 
Preliminary Article - The company METO & CO
The Company METO & CO has a capital of 20,000 EUROS, its head office is located in Balaruc les Bains, and is registered with the Companies Register of Montpellier under the number 500745179.
Publication Director: Stephane PENARI
Customer Service Number: 04 67 366 176
Email address:
Web hosting: 
Article 1 - Product characteristics
The characteristics of the offered products are given in the online catalogue. The information in this catalogue has been drafted in good faith with the help of the instructions and documentation provided by our suppliers and accurately represents the products offered for sale. We may not be held liable for any negligible variations in the representation of the products and they shall not affect the validity of the sale. The displayed pictures and article texts are not binding to any contract. We reserve the right to change any article to improve its quality or performance.

Article 2 – Product availability
Offers of products on our site are only applicable as long as stocks last with us or our suppliers. In case a product is not available after placing an order for it, we shall keep you informed at the earliest opportunity by email or by post. You may either accept the delivery period that might be required by this unavailability or request for a cancellation or an exchange of your order by sending an email. In this case, you shall be refunded not later than thirty (30) days from the date on which the payment was made. 
Article 3 – Online ordering process
The order is processed according to the following steps: 

Order: By clicking the icon "Confirm your order" at the end of the order process, you irrevocably accept the order that you placed, the related delivery expenses as well as all the General Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable to this order, fully and without any reservations.
Confirmation of receipt: For every online order placed, we will send you a confirmation of receipt by email. This confirmation of receipt contains an identification number for your order, an identification of the ordered merchandise, the formulated price inclusive of all taxes, comprising the price of the products in addition to the amount payable on the delivery expenses inclusive of all taxes. This confirmation of receipt means that we have taken your order into account and are processing it. It does not mean a confirmation of your order.

Modifying the conditions of the order:

The taking into account of your order is not effective, if you are a new customer, until after the receipt of your payment, i.e. after it has been credited in our bank account. If you are a referenced professional customer, the order is effective from the moment of its input. If you are an individual, the order is effective after the receipt of your payment, i.e. after it has been credited in our bank account, and the same applies if you are an existing customer.
If we are not able to deliver the ordered product as per the requested conditions, we will send you an email. If required, this email shall inform you of the conditions in which we would be able to fulfil your request.
If you do not find these new conditions satisfactory, it is your responsibility to inform us of your request for cancellation by email or by post within three working days. Failing a response, your order shall definitively be concluded on the basis of the latest stated conditions. In case of any subsequent changes while processing the order and particularly in the delivery process (for example, a modification in the delivery period) we will keep you informed by email.
Tracking your order: You may directly track the progress of your order on our site under “Your account”. You will be required to sign in with your username and password for every access.
Printing the items of your order: We recommend storing on a computer and printing a copy of your Order, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Confirmation of Receipt, any message that changes the terms and conditions of the order as well as the any other message that we may be obliged to exchange. 
Rights reserved by the company: We reserve the right to not continue processing an order if we find any outstanding payments for previous orders or if the order is irregular or unusual in character.
Article 4 - Delivery and Pick-up

4.1 Delivery 

We strive to organise our activities to ensure that the announced delivery dates are adhered to. This data is used for information purposes only. Any possible delays in delivery can in no way result in any penalties or indemnities to be owed by us. However, you may terminate the contract if the delivery is not made within the period of seven (7) days after the indicative time limit for delivery, provided that this delay is not due to a “force majeure” event, by sending a registered letter with a acknowledgement of receipt within sixty (60) working days starting from the indicated date for the delivery of the product. The following are explicitly considered as “force majeure” events, which would release us from our obligation to deliver: war, riots, fire, complete or partial strike in the company or at the supplier of the ordered merchandise, blocking of the means of transport or supply, especially the postal services, a failure in the Internet network or telecommunications network. 

Delivery means the handing over of the products at the address indicated in the assigned order. 

In case a product is not available, we reserve the right to split the placed order and deliver the ordered products that are available. However, this splitting shall not result in any additional expenses for you in the delivery. 
4.2 Pick-up

It is your responsibility to accept the products that are addressed to you or pick them up from the address within the time period indicated by the carrier. If you do not pick up the products within the stipulated time period, we shall automatically cancel the sale and shall store the products for any other orders from our customers. You will still be able to request for a refund of the amount paid by a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt. The refund shall cover the amount of the price paid after deducting all the expenses resulting from not picking up the products, and especially those of sending and returning the products and a dossier handling fee fixed at 30 Euros. Please understand that we cannot deal with pending dossiers for a long period of time and process such requests several weeks after the products have been returned. Additionally, if there is no request for a refund on your part within the thirty days following the deadline for picking up the products, we shall be entitled to definitively retain the paid amounts.
Article 5 - Right of cancellation
As part of a contract concluded at a distance, you are entitled to a right of cancellation without any penalties or reasons in particular. 

The time period for the cancellation is seven (7) working days starting from the day of receipt of the products. If this period lapses on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, it will be extended until the next working day. 

In case of exercising the right to cancellation, we will refund you the entire paid amount (price of the product and delivery expenses). The refund will be paid, by any mode of payment, within a time period of thirty (30) days starting from the date of exercising the right of cancellation.
The right of cancellation can only be exercised insofar as the products are returned to us:
•    > in their original packaging
•    > in perfect condition and perfect working order
•    > without being subject to any usage or installation.

You are liable for the expenses and the responsibility of returning the products. It is your responsibility to select the most suitable mode of transport and pack the product with utmost care, while keeping its fragility in mind. 

A product that does not meet the aforementioned conditions for return or one that is damaged, particularly owing to transportation, may not qualify for a refund.
A refusal to pick up the products from the carrier cannot be justified by exercising this right of cancellation.

Article 6 - Prices
Products ordered online are invoiced to you by METO & CO based on the online prices applicable at the time of placing your order. The prices are inclusive of taxes and exclusive of delivery expenses.
Article 7 - Payment
Terms of payment: Payments must be made in Euros. Payment is made through credit card in case of an online order, by Paypal or by a Bank Transfer.  We would like to remind you that to make an online payment you must enter the number and date of expiry of your card in the slots provided for this purpose. Your order will thus be registered and validated from the moment the payment has been validated by your bank service.
The card will be debited upon the registration of the order.
Payments are secured via the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data exchange encryption protocol and use the Banque Postale payment platform.

The payments of referenced professional customers are made by a direct LCR with a delegation of the payment in favour of the factoring agency of the Banque Populaire, pursuant to the time limits and conditions negotiated with Meto & Co and within the scope of the outstanding amount determined by the factoring agency.

Reservation of ownership: We retain the entire ownership of the goods sold, until the entire payment is made inclusive of the principal, the accessory charges, expenses and taxes.
Article 8 - Complaints

In case of any complaints, please write to METO & CO – Customer Service M300 - ZAM de l'Etang de Thau 34540 BALARUC LES BAINS.
Product review upon receipt and reserves:
On receiving the products, it is your responsibility to verify their compliance with the order as well as their apparent condition.
If the products do not seem to be in compliance with the order or seem to have some kind of an anomaly, you must specifically mention it on the delivery note in the form of reserves.
Such reserves as well as other complaints regarding the compliance or the condition of the merchandise must be sent within 48 hours to the carrier as well as to us.
During the delivery, if the original packaging is damaged, torn or open, then you must immediately verify the condition of the articles. If they have been damaged, you must refuse the parcel and write a reserve on the delivery note (parcel refused since it is open or damaged).
In all other cases, you are kindly requested to keep the products that you believe are not compliant, damaged or have an apparent defect. You will be sent an email informing you of the process to be followed and particularly the terms and conditions of returns. Whether or not we take your reserves into account and possibly cancel the order depends on your compliance with these deadlines and provisions.
In case of an established fault of conformity, an apparent fault in the product or damage endured by the product, we will send a new product as soon as possible. We will take care of the expenses for the returns and sending the replaced product. In case an identical replacement for the product is not possible, we shall offer you a similar product or the cancellation of the sale with respect to the affected product, followed by the refunding of its cost.