Presse Reviews

“The M300 is (...) a step forward (...) as compared to existing copper-based systems, due to its ease of application for an individual (...)" NEPTUNE, April 2013

“Efficiency, endurance over time, fuel economy and environmentalism are the greatest assets of this system." NEPTUNE, April 2013

"(...) the definitive solution to the encrustation problem in hulls" NEPTUNE, April 2013

“The M300 functions well and covers the entire frame without any issues (...)" MOTEUR BOAT, May 2013

“At 4,000 revolutions, we gain 1 knot. (...) At 6,000 revolutions, we see the maximum increase, with a speed of about 43 knots, and this is so despite slightly annoying choppy waters  (M300 note: a gain of 3 knots)."MOTEUR BOAT, May 2013

“The possibility of applying the product yourself is still there, a solution that is easily conceivable (...) since the M300 offers a great deal of flexibility with a wide range of application temperatures and a very accurate result for a roller application that is accessible to everyone" MOTEUR BOAT, May 2013

“The gains (M300 note: in speed) recorded at the Cap Camarat are about 8% (...) It is undoubtedly better to consider this improvement in terms of fuel economy (...) which is of great interest to the individual as well as a professional. Other economy factors of the M300 can be seen in its anti-soiling efficiency (...) and its longevity, i.e. a minimum of 5 years, which reduces the frequency of careening operations and the maintenance expenses of the boat." MOTEUR BOAT, May 2013

“No need to worry anymore about antifouling every year, this is the dream of a lot of ship owners. (...) Supplied in the form of a kit, the M300 can be prepared easily (...) Being sufficiently liquid, the resin can be applied easily. Take 12 hours as a drying period before it can be sanded. It is the advantage of this antifouling, it can be sanded for a better glide. (...) Sanding will also help to “activate" the copper, and in turn, its antifouling function" - François Xavier Ricardou, VOILES & VOILIERS, August 2013

“After three months of being immersed in the Mediterranean, the exterior hull is still incredibly clean. Not a single trace of algae or any shellfish, not even a greasy film when it was being towed. (...) Keeping a clean hull that does not lose its antifouling when stored in winter (an antifouling paint does not usually remain in fresh air), these are also some positive points that will never make you regret buying the M300." - François Xavier Ricardou, VOILES & VOILIERS, November 2013