How to Place an order

If you are a private individual:

First, you will need to know the surface area of your hull. An overview table, which can be downloaded below, explains the method used to calculate it. You must then round off your result to the nearest greater multiple of 5 m2 (for example, if your calculation gives you 32.3 m2, round it up to 35). By a simple division by 5 you will be able to obtain the number of kits you shall need.

All you need to do next is go to the section “How to place an order”, fill your cart, fill in your information in the fields corresponding to your contact details in the Order form and proceed to Payment by credit card or PayPal. It’s as simple as that!!

You can also print your order, sign it and send it to us along with your payment by cheque, made in the name of Meto & Co, to the following address:

Meto & Co

ZAM de l'Etang de Thau



If you are a business entity:

Please send us an email via the "Contact" section along with your contact details and SIRET number.

We will then open an account with an authorisation granted by our factoring agency and a payment period (note that the first order is always payable in cash by a made-to-order wire transfer).

Calculation of the surface of the hull